Read Science! Episode 25 : “Kitchen Science Lab” Edition, with Liz Heinecke

ثنائي خيار التوقيت For this episode, we not only Read Science, we Make Science! Our guest was Liz Heinecke, the Kitchen Pantry Scientist and author of “Kitchen Science Lab for Kids”. We talked about engaging kids and their parents with science through hands-on science fun in the kitchen–and outdoors, for the messier experiments. شراء وبيع خلال ثواني

تعلم تجارة الفوركس خيار ثنائي التسعير ماتلاب Kitchen Science Lab for Kids:Kitchen Science Lab for Kids; [Kitchen Science Lab for Kids]

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توقعات سوق الاسهم السعودية اليوم In a “Read Science!” first, we had several live demonstrations from Liz’s book, in Liz’s kitchen, with two cameo appearances by Liz’s daughters to demonstrate the fun. We made green slime, litmus paper with beet juice, and demonstrated the effects of air pressure with a hard-cooked egg. Join us for the fun!

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