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Back to School Science!
Back to School Science!

In the name of science, I have done much in-person outreach to adults and children, shared it in multiple types of traditional and new media and have successfully used social media to share science with a much larger audience with great enthusiasm.

This page documents some of this work for reference and will also include posts about using social media to share science with the general public.




Online Presence and Online Outreach Activities


Scientific American Freelance blogger, PsiVid, video blog 

July 2011-December 2014                                                                                                              


Outreach blog/website “Joanne Loves Science”  since June 2008            

Target audience of middle/high school students and interested adult public.

Includes whimsical/meaningful approaches to making science interesting and fun.


Facebook page, Joanne Loves Science,


Since 2011


Google+ (120+K followers), since May 2013

Host of The Google Hangout On Air, Read Science! guests are popular science book authors: Buzz AldrinE.O. WilsonChris HadfieldLynn SherrTemple GrandinPulitzer Prize winner Dan Fagin and more!

NSTA Google Hangouts  Ainissa Ramirez, Brendan Mullan

In-Person Outreach Activities

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Guest of GoPro cameras in Fairbanks, Alaska to assist with Project Aether team to visualize the interior of aurora borealis, April 2012

Post at SciAm blogs


New Media Practitioners Professional Development Workshops Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics CU Boulder MAVEN (August 2013) and Future Exploration of the Moon and Small Bodies (July 2012)

Masdar City logo

Invited guest of Masdar Institute, Abu Dhabi’s sustainable energy city

Blogger reporting on the World Future Energy Summit, January 2014


Advisor for Young Scientists’ Journal (UK) since 2009

Presenter in their Science and Communication Conference Canterbury, UK, March 2013

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New Media Specialist Consultant

Provide talks and workshops about using social media scioDC, Pakistan ECO, UIUC panel, STAN conference panel, FSI (faculty summer institute at UIUC)

Local (Illinois-based) Outreach


Presenter for fast–paced Pecha Kucha public lectures

Little black book of Scientists I Love (August 2010)

The Last Shuttle Launch (November 2012)

Fashion History and Science Discoveries in Parallel (December 2013)


Bioengineering Portion of University of Illinois’ Women in Engineering

GAMES camp for middle school and high school girls.    Summers, 2007-2012                                                                


Advisor for iGEM wetware team at the U of Illinois,

The premier international undergraduate synthetic biology competition.

August 2009-May 2012.


Numerous library and school programs for outreach to young people

Science of Make-up, scientific demonstrations, etc., since 2007

Bugscope through UIUC


Coordinator for Illinois State Science Olympiad competition

Bio-process, Heredity/Designer Genes, Cell Biology (1999, 2003-2009)

Co-Coordinator for National Science Olympiad Cell Biology Event (May 2004)


Illinois Junior Academy of Science

State Science Fair judge

(multiple events from 1999-2013)

Selected Invited Speaking Engagements/Expert Talent Projects


Expert Science Host for Internal Videos

Thermo-Fisher Scientific 

March 2010-Mar 2012                                                                                                                  


Voiceover talent for textbook animations

WWNorton and Precision Graphics  

August 2011-Nov 2012                                                                                                                  

Book Blurbs and Acknowledgments


Quirk, Hannah Holmes

Blood Work, Holly Tucker

Free Radicals, Dr. Michael Brooks

Cell culture expert fact checker, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Rebecca Skloot.

TV, Radio, Podcasts, Streaming Video Programs

Newspaper Feature Stories