Childhood Malnutrition in India

بعت اسهم ولا نزلت بحسابي بالراجحي زين السعودية Part 1: The Science of Nutrition and Malnutrition.

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تسجيل في الاسهم السعودية الراجحي Today’s post is number three in the run-up to my International Reporting Project trip to India where I will be part of a team of 10 journalists covering the topic of child survival. First, I addressed Infectious Diseases, then Vaccinations. Today, we will look at Malnutrition. What is the state of malnutrition in India? How has scientific understanding of what good nourishment means helped us work on the malnourishment issue particularly in developing nations? Can science put an end to world hunger? How are sanitation and hygiene related to malnutrition?

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الرسم البياني المجاني للفوركس Before we go on, let’s define a few terms so there is no confusion:

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