Read Science! Episode 11 : E.O.Wilson (Myrmecology Rocks!)

Myrmecologist, entomologist, naturalist, writer, and thinker about the human condition, Edward O. Wilson was our guest to talk about his recent book, “Letters to a Young Scientist”, what it takes–and doesn’t take–to have a successful life in science, and how we can encourage (and must encourage) more people to be involved with science, and more young people to take a path that leads to a career in science.

While we were at it we solved many of the world’s challenges, enjoyed a chicken-salad sandwich, talked about Base Camp Math, and discussed the book’s motto: “You are needed!”

We recorded this episode in collaboration with Scientific American in celebration of their 168th anniversary, and we are grateful to them for their support and most excellent production help.


Letters to a Young Scientist