Childhood Malnutrition in India, Part 2

الاسهم الاماراتيه مباشر موقع شركة ايزي فوركس Malnutrition and Sanitation 

توصيات فوركس يومية خبراء الفوركس What if children seem to have enough of the appropriate nutritive food, yet still exhibit signs of malnutrition? Could there be something else going on here? Indeed. In the past few years, scientist have discovered a phenomenon called ENVIRONMENTAL ENTEROPATHY which is caused by prolonged exposure to food and water contaminated with feces.

موقع خبرات توصيات الاسهم

فوركس أون لاين Environmental enteropathy, (EE) also known as gut dysfunction, affects up to 50% of children in the developing world, and causes no overt symptoms or signs in children.

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