The Science of Botox

Science of Botox 1: Clostridium (Above)

The first in series of four videos describing the science of Botox to the layperson. This video focuses on the organism that causes botulism, Clostridium botulinum.

Science of Botox 2: Botulism toxin’s effect on humans

In this second video of a series to explain the Science of Botox to the layperson, Joanne discusses the exact mechanism that Clostridium Botulinum uses to cause muscle paralysis in Homo sapiens.

Science of Botox 3: Medical Uses of Botox

In the third of four in a series discussing the Science of Botox for the layperson, Joanne begins a discussion of how science has harnessed our knowledge of how the botulism toxin works in order to create medical therapies.

Science of Botox 4: Medical and Cosmetic Uses of Botox

In this fourth and last in a series explaining the Science of Botox to the layperson, Joanne finishes describing the medical uses for Botox and talks about conventional and unusual uses in the cosmetic realm. A description of some of the side effects are also described.