Chemistry of Mascara

I have some vague recollection of first learning about chemical bonds and hydrophobicity and hydrophilicity of molecules sometime in high school. Important chemistry concepts indeed. My curiosity about mascara (which is one of two MUST HAVES for me in the make-up department, the other is more crucial: under eye concealer) and especially my new affection for L’Oreal’s Beauty Tubes Extend Lash provoked me to make a demonstration video about three different types of mascara: water soluble, water proof and the new Beauty Tubes. It’s sort of long, but it is a real time demo/discussion. I wish I could say I was a polymer chemist, but I’m not…I know just enough to be dangerous! (The video is a bit low quality but since making the video, I learned a lot about video processing, which I did not really know at the time I made this video.)