Read Science! Episode 9: Oncogenes & Carcinogens Edition

In this episode we have a lively discussion about the genetic roots of cancer, how carcinogens get involved, how to communicate that to the public, and how the public can arm themselves against those who try to manipulate science to suit their own ends.

And we did this with two great writers on the subject: Dan Fagin, author of  Toms River : A Story of Science and Salvation (edit: winner of the 2014 Nonfiction Pulitzer Prize), and Jessica Wapner, author of The Philadelphia Chromosome : A Mutant Gene and the Quest to Cure Cancer at the Genetic Level.


Toms River: A Story of Science and Salvation

The Philadelphia Chromosome: A Genetic Mystery, a Lethal Cancer, and the Improbable Invention of a Lifesaving Treatment