Popular Science Books as Science Communication #SciTalk19

I am quite pleased to put my popular science book reading hobby/obsession to good use and give a 20 minute presentation to fellow science communicators at the Science Talk ’19 conference.

Before I provide the list of books presented, many authored by women, you may be interested in the fact that I maintain a list of women science writers. Check that out at Women Science Book Writers.

I am also trying to be smart about keeping track of books that are coming out in 2019, and have that list at 2019 Science Books.

What follows are the books I shared at #SciTalk19 along with the category I assigned them to. Many of the books could fall into several categories and the categories are ones that I created and are not canon by any stretch.

There are so many books out there, and due to time constraints, surely I forgot some of your favorites! Thanks for understanding that I could not list even all of my favorites.

A good story: Emperor of All Maladies by Siddhartha Mukherjee

How Science is Done

Scientists Tell Us Their Story


Explainer/Larger Picture

Clarion Call

Relating to the Everyday


Historical Narrative/Coming of Age

Personal Narrative



How-to, Q & A

Natural History/Field Guides

Illustrated Children’s Books


Graphic Novels