The Science of Cats in Sinks

The people who brought us “Kitten Wars” also have a side project called “Cats in Sinks“. As curious as ever, Joanne wonders how many cats can fit in her large lab sink and how one might figure this out without allowing a melee amongst confused cats breaking out and disrupting the lab!

Science can be done both experimentally and theoretically, and this is discussed in this video, as is the use of models in science.

The video features not only Joanne but a very fluffy cat named Graucho and a couple of “random” smart kids.

You could probably tell my voice is deep and raspy in this video thanks to may cat allergies. 🙁

There are several great suggestions under the video of other ways to do the calculations, including this from The Home Scientist: “Or, to simplify even more, determine experimentally if cats float. Presumably, like dogs and most people, they do float. That makes their overall density just under 1.0 g/mL. Weigh cat, assume 0.95 g/mL, and calculate volume.”